Frequently Asked Questions

Forté is a full service talent agency. We can place actors, models, and voice artists throughout Wisconsin in the areas of print, billboards, T.V. commercials, film and voice overs. The work available is part time. We act as a liaison between the client and you as the talent.
Forté has raised the bar, setting a standard-of-excellence in the field of promoting, marketing and managing talent portfolios. One of our tools, the forté website, is an explosive marketing tool where your resumé comes alive to those using the web to research and hire professional talent. Our extensive partnership with marketing firms, advertising agencies, businesses, photography and film studios provides our registered talent with the most exposure for securing work. Forté recognizes and supports your professional development by providing training classes across a variety of venues to increase your marketability. Forté brings the features of Facebook and Twitter social networking tools to keep our talent abreast of all updates such as casting calls, audition calls, and trainings.

Wisconsin is mainly a "commercial" or "real people" market. Real people appear mainly in ads, brochures, billboards and T.V. commercials. They represent a "type" such as a mom, business person, cute kid, active teenager, kindly grandparent or "average Joe". Models/actors are of all ages, sizes and ethnicity. Training in or seeking training in the areas of acting, camera presence, auditioning techniques etc. are always helpful and encouraged. Incorporated on your forté profile page is access to a short video space where you can choose to be recorded/taped to let your personality shine. There are also opportunities for "parts" modeling (i.e.: legs, hands and feet) as well as for pet models/actors.

The market for voice artists is in demand for radio and television advertising as well as for extensive professional business informational and marketing materials. On your forté personal profile page you have the opportunity to provide multiple recordings as well as provide a head shot of yourself. For those new to the industry or those looking to update their recordings, forté provides access to professional recording studios for your selection.

For registered talent, forté reserves the right to charge a monthly marketing and website management fee of $4.95*. This charge becomes active the proceeding first-of-the-month following the month that the website profile has been created. Registered talent are offered password protected access to their website personal portfolio page. This allows you to keep your portfolio current. Our state of the art web design allows your forté agent, with a mouse click, the ability to instantly send current website portfolios to any inquiring client.

*Monthly $4.95 charge: There is no duplication charge for talent listed under two or more talent domains. Families where several dependents are registered as talent have a single monthly charge. There is no monthly charge for models 12 years and younger, actors, voice artists, and pet models. forté is also looking to waive the monthly charge for any given forté registered talent who generate a mutually agreed upon amount of billable work within a 12 month period.

You are not guaranteed work. While we carefully screen actors, models, and voice artists to represent, ultimately the client makes the final decision on which talent is to be hired.

Forté registered actors, models, and voice artists work on a part time/as needed basis. How often you work will vary with factors that include: experience, training, availability, ability to take direction, quality of talent's marketing materials, professionalism on the set and how often your "type" is requested. Amount paid per hour varies from person to person and job to job. In general, the adult pay rate ranges from $75.00 - $135.00 per hour and for children $45.00 - $80.00 per hour. Most jobs booked take place, but not exclusive to, regular business hours: Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. It is important that all talent listed with forté have a flexible schedule.

As an actor, model, or voice artist seeking work through forté it is expected that you will have professional skills to offer our clients. If you are new to the industry forté will offer training opportunities to develop your skill set. All needed skills can be obtained through experience and/or trainings. When forté sends its talent to a paid job it is important for talent to represent themselves and forté well. Working as professional paid "talent" is a business. The better you perform on the set the more successful we can both be. It is our job as your agency to negotiate pay rates and arrange work on your behalf.
As an ACTOR it is expected you will be able to perform well in a cold read situation and move professionally on camera. You must be able to style yourself when necessary and fill out a pay voucher correctly. As a MODEL it is expected that you will be able to style yourself (hair and makeup) when necessary, move comfortably on camera with minimal direction and fill out pay vouchers. As a VOICE ARTIST it is expected you will be able to perform well in various read situations and fill out pay vouchers

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